Yoga and I have rarely seen eye to eye. A physical education credit that was needed prior to graduating led to me taking a yoga class and failing (don’t worry I passed the class) less than gracefully at learning and appreciating the poses and breathing techniques. I essentially gave up on yoga, until recently.

A good friend of mine has become a “yogi” of sorts and has truly grown to appreciate what yoga brings to his life and headspace. He had invited me to join him by way of ClassPass, but reluctantly, I declined until this past month. Yoga Six was not only my first yoga experience in Chicago, but my first hot yoga experience, and first yoga class in close to ten years.

Yoga Six has multiple locations in Chicago, three to be exact (Lincoln Park, Gold Coast and South Loop). Clean, sparse, inviting; it’s the basics to what a yoga studio should look like. Granted, these are thoughts from a newbie.

The welcoming and clean environment, and great accommodations also make it an excellent studio. The classes are $25 a piece; however, they provide a $100/month membership that grants you access to studios across Chicago.

For the newbies like me, you can create an account online and easily sign up for a class. You can also rent towels and yoga mats there for a minimal cost (I believe the mat is $3). Lockers are provided for free, with an ID. All in all, a complete win.

I’ve been back to Yoga Six twice since beginning my new yoga appreciation journey. I’ve even toyed with the idea of becoming a member in order to really appreciate the headspace it provides. Honestly, the last few times I’ve done yoga, I’ve left feeling less anxious and much more accepting of what I allow to happen in my life.

I approve of Yoga Six!


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