The Pretty Mess.

I am so thankful for Erika Jayne.

Erika Jayne is the embodiment of the type of woman I love and admire. Erika is a 45 year old bombshell who exudes confidence and is talented beyond most people’s beliefs. She is an intelligent woman who is seemingly secure in herself, her body and her career. Who, (man or woman) doesn’t aspire to have the confidence Erika maintains in herself and life?


Erika Girardi or Erika Jayne (she’s two people, but not two faced) is an Atlanta native who has acquired 9 number one hit singles on the US Hot Dance Club Play chart since becoming active in 2007. That’s one per year since releasing her music. One of her chart-topping hits is the guilty pleasure Party People (Ignite the World), featured below.

Erika currently resides in Pasadena, California with her husband Tom Girardi. Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills brought this wonderful woman into my life in 2015 when she became a full-time cast member. Her honesty, brazen attitude, impeccable and modern style and approach to womanhood made her an instant favorite. I will be honest and say I have never once cared for a TV personality (thought she seems to be far from a made for TV personality) as much as I care for Erika.

What I love most about Erika Jayne is that she proves to women and men that age is nothing but a number. Erika is 45 and proves that one can be confident in themselves and their body. She is all about respect, being tactful and also embracing who you are. The last season of the RHOBH (season 7), Erika takes us back to her roots and shows us that she is more than the glitz and glamour of Pasadena. She is a whole person who has been through the good and bad in life, and comes out stronger from every experience; even if some tears are shed along the way.

If you look into my music library, you will see women scattered throughout; the obvious majority. Women have always inspired me through their enduring strength, their stores of energy, and their undying passion for the love of their choice of craft. Women are passionate. Erika Jayne, thank you. It’s been a hot pleasure getting to know you.

Support Erika Jayne on iTunes

Erika Jayne’s new single XXPEN$IVE is out now.


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